Fredrik Backman, Britt-Marie Was Here

Britt-Marie Was Here (Swedish: Britt-Marie var här) is a 2014 novel by Fredrik Backman, a Swedish columnist, blogger and writer. The plot of the book consists of a “nag-bag” recently unemployed woman who gets a job in the city of Borg working for the recreation center. The city itself is barely a full-town with only a Pizzeria and a florist shop opened. There, she finds herself responsible for a gaggle of children in an impoverished area in a great need of cleaning. Her husband Kent and her new romantic interest Sven head-off for her attention. Sami, Vega, and Omar challenge the construct of a typical home life. Somebody, a 40-year-old alcoholic runs the hub of the city out of a pizza shop that dabbles in illegal goods. [1] It was published in English on May 3, 2016.[2]


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