Tender Is the Night, S. Fitzgerald – Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions 1. How would you describe the characters of Dick and Nicole Diver? What is the nature of their marriage? Do they love one another? Talk about how and why their marriage changes during the course of the novel? 2. Talk about Nicole's psychological state? Why did Dick marry her? As his patient, their… Continue reading Tender Is the Night, S. Fitzgerald – Discussion Questions


Empire Falls by Richard Russo – Discussion Questions

Source: questions issued by the publisher - https://www.litlovers.com/reading-guides/fiction/294-empire-falls-russo?start=3 Discussion Questions 1. Richard Russo's description of the town of Empire Falls is as memorable and vivid as his portraits of the people who live there. How do the details he provides about the town's setting and its streets, buildings and neighborhoods create more than a physical… Continue reading Empire Falls by Richard Russo – Discussion Questions

Questions – Enemies, A Love Story, Isaac Bashevis Singer

The title includes the word Enemies, why? Relation to Judaism by major characters, Herman attempts to reform, Yadviga converts, Rabby employs a ghostwriter, etc. Characters escaping from reality Herman's character somehow reminds of some of the Checkov's characters, philistines. In some ways the three wives situation and Herman's inability to deal with it was comic.

Questions – Catherine Banner, The House at the Edge of Night

READERS GUIDE Retrieved from: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/252972/the-house-at-the-edge-of-night-by-catherine-banner/9780812988130/readers-guide/ Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. At the beginning of the book, Amedeo is “a foundling . . . a penniless jobbing physician” who “inhabited the world as bare as he had come into it, with no wife, no friend except his foster father, no descendants.” What do you think it is about… Continue reading Questions – Catherine Banner, The House at the Edge of Night