Julian Barnes, A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters

Amazon Details From Wikipedia: Chapter 1, "The Stowaway" is an alternative account of the story of Noah's Ark from the point of view of the woodworms, who were not allowed onboard and were stowaways during the journey. Chapter 2, "The Visitors" describes the hijacking of a cruise liner, similar to the 1985 incident of the Achille Lauro. Chapter 3, "The Wars… Continue reading Julian Barnes, A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters


Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Amazon Details Winner of the Man Booker Prize “Nothing since Cormac McCarthy’s The Road has shaken me like this.” —The Washington Post In The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Richard Flanagan displays the gifts that have made him one of the most acclaimed writers of contemporary fiction. Moving deftly from a Japanese POW camp to present-day Australia, from… Continue reading Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

    View on Amazon Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Marie-Laure lives with her father in Paris near the Museum of Natural History, where he works as the master of its thousands of locks. When she is six, Marie-Laure goes blind and her father builds a perfect miniature of their neighborhood so she can memorize it by… Continue reading Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

The Globe and Mail review Amazon details From the Back Cover In this powerfully imagined, provocative novel, Barbara Kingsolver takes us on an epic journey from the Mexico of artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo to the America of Pearl Harbor, FDR, and J. Edgar Hoover. The Lacuna is the poignant story of a man pulled between… Continue reading Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Орловы-Соколовы

I could not find a translation of this short story, so I leave its name in Russian. The author's works were translated to many languages; she is well known and liked by the readers in many countries. I really liked to read about Lyudmila Ulitskaya, I post here a link to a Wikipedia page about her:… Continue reading Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Орловы-Соколовы

Muriel Barbery, Gourmet Rhapsody

It was our very first book that we read together, so thinking about it and posting it here evoke very warm memories and feelings for me. I think we all liked the book; the author's The Elegance of the Hedgehog was mentioned many times also during the discussion. I just saw a not-so-flattering opinion about… Continue reading Muriel Barbery, Gourmet Rhapsody